About Us

Hello I am a 26 year old mama of two small children. My name is Anastasia Castro, and I live and operate out of Denver, Colorado.

I have always loved being crafty and finding new ways to make things unique.

When my daughter turned one in 2017 I had made her a dinosaur themed birthday party. At the time there wasn't much "girly" dinosaur themed items for a girls birthday party. I decided I was going to continue on with the theme anyways. I created little center pieces by gluing tiny dinosaurs that I spray painted pink on to the lids of baby food jars. I filled the jars with peanut butter filled M&M's

I had also created a dinosaur egg using paper that opens on one end with a dinosaur inside with all of the info for the party listed on it. I had tied it closed with a ribbon. I had to cut out 15 eggs and dinosaurs by hand, which took me 2 weeks figuring out how to cut all of these items which I was picky for images I wanted to use. I ended up creating the egg design by hand. Every one that got an invitation loved them.

It still took me another few years to actually decide to pursue this direction in my life.

In November of 2019 I had decided I was going to get a Cricut machine and pursue opening my own business doing crafting. I had gave myself a few months to learn my machine and research all of the things I could make with it. My mind was blown with all of the possibility's I now had access to.

Finally in July of 2020 A Castro Creations was born, I launched this very website and went all in.  Creating has been one of the best things I could have done. I love creating items people will love and customizing these items make it even more amazing. Growing up I didn't see my name (Anastasia) in any of the name tags, road signs, mugs, etc. Being able to add any unique names to anything I can create makes my heart happy, especially so no one feels left out anymore.